About Us

We have been delivering the finest quality Seafood directly to our customers’ homes throughout England and North Wales since 1989.

Since then, we have made over 1 million deliveries of fresh and frozen fish to our customers. We deliver on our own vans and couriers, and you can order via our call centre if you’d prefer.

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The Highest Quality Seafood, Sustainably Sourced

We pride ourselves on the quality of seafood we supply. Having worked in the fish industry for over 50 years, the relationships we have built allow us to ensure a consistent supply of our extensive range of excellent seafood. We select our suppliers so your meal-time can be enjoyed without worry. We only source from sustainable fisheries and uphold the highest ethical reputations. These robust supply channels provide experts at the top of their profession, resulting in genuinely outstanding products time and time again.

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Meet the Team

Although we have grown our customer base since we began in 1989, our team has remained relatively small. Some of our staff have been with us for over 20 years, building in-depth knowledge of our customer base and the industry. This allows us to be agile, create and sell the products our customers (you) want. We listen to you and adapt our offering to your needs. Not only products but the recipes we create and the behind-the-scenes stories we share with you. Our main job is to make your life easier. We provide products and delicious recipes for every occasion and skill level. If you have any questions, get in touch; you know a friendly expert is waiting to respond.

“From the office team, to the production and transport departments, the efforts by all are very much appreciated, carry on the good work! Thank you for excellent service and products, time and again!”