Gilt Head Bream Fillets

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Bream are fabulously meaty fish and also give a rich flavour. This fish is an instant winner, incredibly juicy with a meaty texture yet delicate flavour.
Filleted for Convenience
Light and refreshing
7-10 fillets per kg
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Our bream fillets are cut from the head all the way to the tail to ensure you get thick portions each time. They are incredible on the barbeque, baked or grilled. We have left the skin on the aid of the cooking process and extra omega-3 hit. We have done our best to remove the bones; however, some pesky ones may still be there, so be careful when eating! Gilt Head Bream (also called Sea Bream) is a light, fresh fish with dazzling skin that crisps up easily. It's exceedingly versatile and an easy crowd-pleaser. It can be cooked in various ways, but because we have filleted them for you, we recommend putting them straight into your frying pan, skin side down and frying with a splash of oil. Serve on top of your favourite vegetables, and you have the perfect mid-week meal. If you want inspiration, try our recipe! It's super easy, delicious and a tremendous fridge-raider option. Like most fish, bream is a source of protein and is low in calories, making it an excellent protein for a healthy lifestyle.

Contains Fish

For allergens, including cereals, see ingredients in bold 

Sparus aurata


Our Gilt Head Bream comes from the best farm in Turkey. Producing its own feed makes the farm entirely self-sufficient. We chose this farm for this reason. We always opt for maximum transparency in our supply chains, and feedstock is often overlooked when it comes to the climate impact of fish farming. By producing its own feedstock, the farm can fully track its climate impact and constantly improve its processes and practices. Although we do our best to remove all the bones, some may remain, so please take care when eating.

Sparus aurata

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