Are prawns nature’s multivitamin?

Published on 29th Jun 2023

Are prawns nature’s multivitamin?

There is a common belief that prawns should be avoided for people trying to lower cholesterol. This is a myth. Whilst foods like eggs and prawns are higher in dietary cholesterol than other foods, this type of cholesterol has almost no impact on cholesterol levels in the body. The NHS website advises that to reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease, we should aim to lower saturated fat in our diet. And prawns contain almost no saturated fat. Whilst being a low fat protein choice, the fats found in prawns are good fats. Prawns are heart healthy.

  • rated prawns as the 8th best protein source out of the hundreds of foods they have analysed.
  • Prawns contain a large amount of selenium. Other sources are brazil nuts and sunflower seeds. But prawns are much lower in fat and calories. This essential trace mineral is important for good brain function, a healthy immune system and fertility for men and women. Research shows that the selenium in prawns is very well absorbed into our bodies compared to other sources.
  • A B12 deficiency can cause sufferers to feel lethargic, depressed and faint. The vitamin B12 in prawns will help keep your nerves and blood cells working well.
  • Prawns are also an excellent source of phosphorus. Phosphorus is part of every human cell in the body and is vital for bone strength and maintaining energy supplies.
  • Vitamin D is only found in a small number of foods. And prawns are on of them. Vitamin D is important for a number of reasons; particularly, it helps keeps bones and teeth healthy.

Other vitamins and minerals prawns contain include: choline, copper, iodine, vitamin B3, zinc, vitamin E, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid and vitamin A.

prawns health benefits

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