Natural Smoked Haddock Fillet

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Our haddock fillets are expertly smoked in our PGI-status smokehouse in Grimsby. The smoking techniques used have been mastered through years of experience and knowledge passed from generation to generation. We use only the best fish, so the best smoked products are created.
Traditionally smoked by experts
PGI status smoked fish
4-5 fillets per kg
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We take great pride in our artisan smoked fish, which has been awarded PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) status, highlighting its exceptional quality and regional authenticity. Our smokeries have honed their techniques over generations, passing down their wisdom to create the perfect smoked products. The love and passion for the process are evident in the impeccable smoked fish they produce.

Our smoked haddock fillets are undyed and obtains their beautiful yellow hue through the smoking process itself. This natural colouring enhances the visual appeal of the fish. The flavour profile of our undyed smoked haddock is full-bodied, smoky, and slightly salty, thanks to the brining process. This flavour perfectly complements the inherent sweetness of haddock, resulting in a delightful taste experience. Achieving this distinctive flavour is only possible through traditional chimneys, which have accumulated centuries of flavour mastery.

We have left the undyed smoked haddock fillet whole, allowing you to choose how you would like to serve it. Its versatility allows for various culinary creations. Consider using our smoked haddock in a gratin or alongside dauphinoise potatoes for an elevated smoked fish dish. The rich smoky flavour will infuse these dishes with a unique and delicious taste. For meal inspiration, check out our haddock recipes

In addition to its exceptional taste, haddock is a beautiful fish known for its nutritional benefits. It is delicious and serves as an excellent source of protein, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to improve their healthy eating habits. Haddock is also contains selenium, an important antioxidant contributing to overall well-being. Furthermore, it contains B vitamins that support normal energy-yielding metabolism, helping to combat tiredness and fatigue.

Experience the unique flavour and nutritional advantages of our smoked haddock. Its undyed, full-bodied, smoky taste will enhance your culinary endeavours and bring a touch of excellence to your dishes.

Contains Fish

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Melanogrammus aeglefinus


We source the majority of our haddock from the incredible fisheries in Norway. The haddock is caught wild in small day boats. This means the fish can be processed the same day it is caught, resulting in ultra-fresh products ready for you to cook. Not only are the fisheries sustainable, but the incredible knowledge of the fishermen allows us to offer the best quality fish every time you buy. When you receive your fish, check the label to find out where your fish has been sourced from.

Our wood chips used in the smoking process are natural and sustainably sourced. Forests are our future and the lungs of the planet, so we ensure our smoking wood chips are certified under a European PEFC Wood Sustainability Standard. This results in a unique and magnificent smoked fish product that is kind to our planet.

Although we do our best to remove all the bones, some may remain, so please take care when eating.

Melanogrammus aeglefinus

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