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Ray wings may be odd to look at but, they are a pleasure to eat and are incredibly easy to cook. We think they are best when pan fried with plenty of butter, lemon juice and capers.
Classic British Fish
Succulent and firm
Easy to cook
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Rays are indeed fascinating fish, known for their behaviour of burying themselves in the sand. They have been a British classic in the UK for many years. When cooked, the transformation from pink to white adds to their appeal, and their firm texture, resulting from their high collagen content, ensures that the wings remain moist and tender after cooking. The taste and texture of ray wings can be compared to that of scallops, making them a delightful option for seafood lovers.

One popular way to prepare ray wings is by pan-frying them with butter and capers. This method allows the flavours to develop beautifully while keeping the wings moist and succulent. Another indulgent option is to pair them with a rich gruyere sauce, creating a decadent dish showcasing the ray wings' delicate flavour.

In addition to their taste and texture, ray wings also offer nutritional benefits. They contain iodine, which contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, and phosphorus, which helps maintain normal bones. Including ray wings as part of a balanced diet and regular exercise can support a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you pan-fry them with butter and capers or indulge in a gruyere sauce, ray wings provide a delightful culinary experience. They can be enjoyed as part of a varied and nutritious diet.

Contains Fish

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We source our ray wings from the South and North of the UK. As we source from wild fisheries, this means weather plays a crucial role in the sourcing and we choose the best fisheries depending on the weather conditions. There are seven species of ray but we only buy three of these which are certified susatinable. Because we select the catch location throughout the year, we ensure we can supply fresh ray wing 50 weeks of the year to our customers. We choose British fisheries to esnure we support local fishing communities and the quality is great so why go anywhere else?

Raja Spp.

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