Sea Bass Fillets

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We carefully select our sea bass from the best farms in the med to allow summer holiday nostalgia all year round. Our chunky fillets are descaled, ready for you to cook however you would like.
7-10 fillets per kg
Light and Refreshing
Bring the Mediterreanean to you
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Bringing the taste of a holiday back home is a beautiful idea, and sea bass fillets are a fantastic choice for achieving just that. Sea bass is a delightful fish with sweet, firm flakes and vibrant, gleaming skin that appeal visually to any dish. While it may often be featured on high-end restaurant menus, a fillet of sea bass is pretty easy to cook, making it accessible for home cooks.

Sea bass is often likened to chicken in terms of its meatiness, making it an ideal introductory fish for those venturing into the world of seafood. Frying is a popular cooking method for a fillet of sea bass, making the skin crisp and brown to perfection. The scales already removed from the sea bass fillets, so they are ready to be cooked directly in your frying pan. Pairing them with a butter bean ragu or a selection of vegetables provides a delicious and satisfying meal.

Another delightful way to enjoy a sea bass fillet is by baking it en papillote, where the fish is cooked in a parchment paper or foil packet along with vegetables and olives. This method infuses the sea bass with flavours while creating a Mediterranean-inspired dish that evokes the warmth of sunny destinations.

In addition to its delicious taste, sea bass offers several nutritional benefits. It is a source of protein, which supports muscle growth and repair. Sea bass also contains B vitamins, which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism and help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Furthermore, it provides selenium in small amounts, which plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, including promoting a healthy immune system.

Whether frying your sea bass fillets to achieve crispy perfection or baking it en papillote with Mediterranean flavours, you'll enjoy a taste of sunshine and benefit from its nutritional qualities. So go ahead and bring that holiday feeling home with sea bass.

Contains Fish

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Dicentrarchus labrax


Our Sea bass comes from the best farm in Turkey. The farm produces its own feed making it fully traceable and only comes from sustainable sources. We chose this farm for this reason. We always opt for maximum transparency in our supply chains, and feed is often overlooked when it comes to the climate impact of fish farming. By producing its own feedstock, the farm can fully track its climate impact and constantly improve its processes and practices. Although we do our best to remove all of the bones, some may remain, so please take care when eating.

Dicentrarchus labrax

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