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Tuna is a crowd favourite. It's a meaty fish with a distinctive flavour due to its high oil content - it's packed full of the good stuff. Due to their firm texture, tuna steaks hold their shape when cooked, but when eaten, they will melt in your mouth
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Tuna are incredible pelagic fish that can swim up to 40mph. These steaks are a great option rather than their popular beef steak rivals. Tuna is leaner and cleaner than beef, and are the perfect gateway into a world of fish for any meat lover. Tuna is found in many forms, tinned, raw etc., but we believe you can't beat the classic tuna steak. Tuna has a meaty flavour and a melt-in-your-mouth texture. They are perfect when treated like a beef steak, quickly seared or grilled and served with your favourite sides. We dip the sides into sesame seeds and promptly fry, helping with a side salad and home-cooked chips. Tuna contains protein, Omega-3 and Vitamin B and is lean, meaning tuna is delicious and nutritious. Why compromise when you can have both?

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Thunnus albacares


Sourced in Sri Lanka, our tuna is caught using short and handline catch methods. This helps to reduce the risk of by-catch and ensures ethical catch techniques.

Thunnus albacares

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