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Dover Sole is a British icon. Like other flatfish, it is light and delicate in flavour with a slightly sweet taste and firmer texture.
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Dover sole is indeed an exceptional flatfish, and keeping it whole while cooking allows for a moist and enjoyable eating experience. The flesh of the fish easily peels back from the bone, adding to the pleasure of eating and serving it. This comes cleaned, gutted, and ready to cook. Presenting whole Dover soles can be a great way to showcase your culinary skills and impress your guests. However, cooking them is not difficult and requires minimal effort, which can be your little secret.

Dover sole, like other flatfish, has a sweet and mild flavour with firm and small flakes when cooked. It offers a unique eating experience that differentiates it from other white fish. The pure white flesh of Dover's sole makes for an exquisite presentation alongside various colourful side dishes. Its versatility allows it to adapt to any dining style you desire. Whether baked, sautéed, or pan-fried, Dover sole steals the show.

If you're looking for dinner party inspiration, we have a recipe to elevate your culinary experience further. Dover sole is a low-oil fish with the lowest calorie content among flatfish. As a source of protein, it contributes to muscle maintenance, making it a nutritious choice for your meals.

Enjoy Dover Sole's delicate flavours and unique texture as you indulge in this exceptional flatfish. Whether cooking for a special occasion or serving a delicious meal, Dover Sole will satisfy your culinary desires.

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Solea solea


Our Dover sole is caught on the south coast of England. We source from small vessels that fish on short trips to ensure you the freshest and best quality Dover Soles. The Dover Soles are quickly frozen after catch to lock in their flavour and freshness, so when you defrost them to use, they taste amazing! We love sourcing from the UK to support local fishing communities.

Solea solea

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