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Our whole sea bass come from the best farms in the Mediterranean. They are descaled and gutted, ready for you to cook however you would like to.
Whole fish for ultimate flavour
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Bring the Mediterreanean to you
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We share your passion for offering whole fish, and we're delighted to provide you with the opportunity to experience the joy of cooking and serving a whole sea bass! There's something extraordinary about preparing and enjoying a whole fish; sea bass is no exception. By leaving the bass whole during cooking, you can trap the moisture within, resulting in an unparalleled eating experience. Furthermore, the presentation is awe-inspiring, adding an element of elegance to your table.

Sea bass is an extraordinary fish farmed in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. It offers a sweet flavour profile with fine, delicate flakes when cooked to perfection. While cooking a whole sea bass may initially seem intimidating, it is pretty straightforward. We take care of the scaling and gutting, ensuring the fish is ready for cooking whenever you are. There are numerous cooking methods to explore for whole sea bass. For a succulent mid-week meal, consider stuffing the fish with lemon and herbs and baking it in the oven. Alternatively, try grilling it on the barbecue for a delightful chargrilled experience reminiscent of enjoying sea bass abroad. By wrapping the fish in foil, you can lock in the flavours and pour the juices back over it as you serve, creating a simple yet flavorful dressing. Whichever cooking method you choose, the experience will leave a lasting impression, and you'll dream about that dinner for weeks.

At our core, we strive to ensure you have a consistently great experience with our sea bass. Beyond its incredible taste and visual appeal, sea bass is a source of protein, promoting muscle growth, making it an excellent choice for those with a fitness focus. Additionally, it contains B vitamins that support normal energy metabolism and helps reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue. Sea bass also contains selenium, a mineral necessary for various bodily functions, including promoting a healthy immune system. When you enjoy sea bass, you savour its exceptional flavour and texture and benefit from its nutritional value.

Sea bass is a remarkable fish—it looks great, tastes great, and offers excellent health benefits. We invite you to embrace the joy of cooking and serving whole sea bass, and we'll be here to ensure you have a fantastic experience time and time again.

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Dicentrarchus labrax


Our premium Sea bass originates from Turkey's finest farm, renowned for its excellence. This exceptional farm operates independently and takes pride in producing its own feed for the fish. This ensures complete traceability and sustainability in feed sourcing. At our company, we prioritise utmost transparency in our supply chains, acknowledging the overlooked climate impact of fish farming's feed production. The farm maintains complete control over tracking its climate impact by cultivating its feedstock, fostering continuous enhancements in processes and practices.

Dicentrarchus labrax

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