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Haddock is a spectacular choice for white fish. It is a lean white fish with medium flakes, has a slightly sweet flavour and is firm yet tender after cooking. Our haddock is sourced from the best fishermen and creates incredible mealtime experiences time and time again.
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We understand the importance of time in our busy 21st-century lives, so we have made cooking hassle-free with our pre-portioned and ready-to-cook haddock fillets. Haddock is a versatile and delightful fish that complements many cuisines. Its delicate flavour makes it a perfect choice for various culinary creations.

When cooking haddock, don't be afraid to undercook it slightly. As soon as the flesh starts to flake easily, remove it from the heat, as it will continue cooking even after being taken out of the pan. This ensures a tender and succulent result every time. You can get creative with your family and press flavoured breadcrumbs on the fillets for a delicious baked dish. Alternatively, prepare fresh and flavorful pea, mint, and haddock fish cakes. Whichever recipe sparks your interest, rest assured that the outcome will be truly satisfying. Haddock's delightful taste and versatility will not disappoint.

Beyond its culinary appeal, haddock is a beautiful fish with numerous health benefits. It is an excellent protein source, making it a great addition to any healthy diet. Furthermore, haddock contains selenium, a vital antioxidant that supports overall well-being. Additionally, haddock provides essential B vitamins that promote normal energy-yielding metabolism and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Indulge in the deliciousness of haddock while nourishing your body with its nutritional advantages. Our pre-portioned haddock fillets are here to make your cooking experience convenient and enjoyable, allowing you to savour the exquisite flavours of this exceptional fish.

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Melanogrammus aeglefinus


We source the majority of our haddock from the incredible fisheries in Iceland and Norway. The haddock is caught and rapidly processed, resulting in brilliantly fresh products ready for you to cook. Not only are the fisheries sustainable, but the incredible knowledge of the fishermen allows us to offer the best quality fish every time you buy. When you receive your fish, check the label to find out where your fish has been sourced from.

Although we do our best to remove all the bones, some may remain, so please take care when eating.

Melanogrammus aeglefinus

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