New Zealand Half-shell Mussels 800g

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Big and juicy, these mussels are a pop of flavour in every mouthful. Half-shell for easy prepping and eating, they are well worth a try.
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Unveil the flavours of our premium half-shell mussels, crying out to be smothered in a delectable sauce and enjoyed on a shared platter. They have been expertly blanched, discarding the top half of the shell to present the succulent meat in its convenient serving dish. To ensure their freshness, we rapidly freeze them, sealing in all the juicy goodness.

With their delightful taste and satisfying texture, our mussels offer endless possibilities for culinary creations. From delicious pasta dishes to flavorful grilled mussels, the choice is yours. By entrusting our experienced chefs to prepare them for you, you save time and guarantee the highest quality and flavour.

Discover the versatility of our premium half-shell mussels and unlock a world of delectable recipes. Whether hosting a gathering or serving a special meal, these mussels are perfect. Elevate your dining experience with our carefully crafted mussels, prepared to perfection for your enjoyment.

Conatins Mussels (Molluscs)

For allergens, including cereals, see ingredients in bold

Perna canaliculus


Sourced from farms New Zealand. Rope cultured mussels.

Perna canaliculus

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