British Crab Claws 500g

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Our cooked British crab claws are perfect for snacking or showing off! Cooked, quickly frozen and ready to eat, this product will serve to impress. Order it now and get hooked.
Cooked and quickly frozen to ensure quality
Cooked and ready to eat when defrosted
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Our British crab claws are ready to crack and snack when defrosted. Our suppliers catch and source the best crabs and cook their claws so you can enjoy them without any fuss. You get all the enjoyment of cracking into these juicy claws without any hassle from cooking them. 

Our suppliers source from local fishermen with inshore boats fishing off the East Coast of England all year. They supply only the best quality British crabs that result in the most delicious crab products. They hand prepare the crab claws expertly cooking and quickly freezing them to ensure top quality products every time. This hands-on process ensures the flavour and quality are maintained, resulting in unbeatable taste and a rich texture in our frozen crab claws. 

Crab is an excellent and healthy addition to most diets. It's low in fat and calories but high in protein and nutrients. Rich in copper, zinc, selenium and vitamin B12, crab is healthy and delicious. It also contains Omega-3, which helps to promote heart health. 

Please note: product contains Crab (Cancer pagurus) CRUSTACEANS.

For allergens, including cereals, see ingredients in bold 



Sourced from the East Coast of England from local fishermen with inshore boats. The superior crabs are caught using baited pots, also known as traps. We source from this fishing method as it is a selective catch process and sustainable, ensuring crab populations for years to come. If a crab enters a pot that is not meet the quality standard or legal minimum size or is seen to be carrying eggs, the crabs are released back into the sea unharmed. This method of catch has a minimal effect on the seabed and other organisms in their vicinity.
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