Frozen Snow Crab Legs 685g

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Caught in the icy waters of Newfoundland, snow crab is slaty and sweet and regarded as a delicacy around the world. Perfect for a variety of recipes, including dipped in garlic butter, added to sauces or served as hors d'ouervres.
Perfectly balanced flavour
Easy to crack
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Snow crab is known as a delicacy for good reason. It has a sweet and succulent taste with an incredibly tender texture. Its distinctive flavour sets it aside from other seafood, such as lobster and prawns. Caught in Newfoundland's cold, icy waters, the salty waters create a briny flavour to the meat, which perfectly complements the crab's natural sweetness. Named after their snow-white meat with a bright red outer when cooked, the fibrous texture makes them perfect for a variety of recipes. Their delicate nature and size make them easy to open and crack by hand, but be careful as their shells can be sharp!

They are easy to shred and add to sauces, starters and salads. Perfect dipped in hot garlic butter, laid on party platters, served as hors d'oeuvres, or incorporated into your favourite pasta, omelettes or had on toast. Their versatility is endless.



Wild caught in North Atlantic and Arctic oceans, Northwest Atlantic (FAO 21) Pots and Traps

Please Note: This product contains crab Crustaceans

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