Halibut Steaks

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These halibut steaks are to die for. Leaving the bone in helps to retains the moisture and opens the fish up to a variety of cooking methods without a worry about it falling apart.
Steaked to retain shape
Versatile for flavours and cooking
Choose the weight that suits you
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Halibut steaks are an incredible way to start eating fish. Leaving the fish on the bone helps retain moisture and allows it to be cooked in various ways while maintaining its shape. They have a mild flavour which pairs incredibly well with bolder flavourings and any dish you fancy on the day. Our steaks are your first step to experiencing the extraordinary and are ready for any occasion or meal. They are perfect for any cooking method, and however you choose to cook them, they will not disappoint. Why not try searing them on a griddle or under a grill to complement your favourite sides? Halibut is a lean fish and a source of biotin and niacin, which help contribute to a normal energy-yielding metabolism. Eating a balanced diet with frequent exercise helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Contains Fish

For allergens, including cereals, see ingredients in bold 

Hippoglossus hippoglossus


We source our halibut from the worlds-best farm based in the Norwegian Fjords. The halibut are nurtured until they reach maturity after 5 years when they are ready to harvest. The farm is certified sustainable and ethical and the caring farming techniques produce fantastic halibut products.

Hippoglossus hippoglossus

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